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Lakes Winnipesaukee- in the summer

Summer time in the Lakes Region is simply the finest time of year. The boats, sports cars, and great dinning make this time of year the best. Check out some of the small lakes in the area also. Half Moon lake, Suncook Upper and Lower, lake Wentworth, and others offer great enjoyment, but a smaller venue. Enjoy the week, maybe check out a concert, or just have fun on the Lake. 

We will try to keep you up on the happenings in the Lakes Region. 

 Check the links around our site for lodging and restaurants, as well as our own NH Bike Week page for all the pictures of this years event. Stop by Patrick's Pub and Eatery for some great food and check out the Pub for some great fun and drinks.

 Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in the state of New Hampshire
and one of the largest lakes in the United States that lies within the boundaries of a single state. Surrounded by three mountain ranges, the wooded shoreline and crystal clear water of this spring-fed lake make it a popular year round Lakes Region resort, a place to rest and relax in beautiful surroundings. Viewing the lake from nearby Mt Major offers one of the best vantage points to seeing a great portion of this spectacular lake.

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Lakes Winnipesaukee- in the summer

-October 29, 2010



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october 2010


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