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Lake Winnipesaukee

Fishing Derbies

Two fantastic fishing derbies are held each year on Lake Winnipesaukee

with both offering thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

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May- Its the Winni Fishing Derby

The Winni Derby began in 1980 as an attempt to reduce the number of Landlocked Salmon in Lake Winnipesaukee. The lake had been overstocked, and it tipped mother natures delicate balance, leading to a decline in population of other species of fish and aquatic wildlife. Other rumored ideas for lowering the population was a lowering the minimum legal length to 14 or 12 inches or perhaps raising the fishing limit. In the end, the derby was the solution that pleased everyone, and it continues to please fisherman and the local economy today.

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Feb- Its the Great Rotary Fishing Derby

Over the past 26 years the Meredith Rotary Club's Ice Fishing Derby has contributed more than $1 million to the following statewide, regional and local projects and charitable organizations.

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