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BlackWater River

Route 4 southeast from Andover or northwest from Salisbury Take Bay Road south Look for unmarked narrow dirt roads on your right (There are two of them) These short roads lead to the pout-in and parking The bay is a still widening of the Blackwater River that has created a marsh and pond. You may find it a delightful place for a family trip. The access road off Bay Road leads to a wide sandy put-in that can serve as beach or picnic area. The Bay is a wide pond at that point, but if you go in either direction, you find interesting marshes, channels, peninsulas, and a varied shoreline. Going north through the meanders will eventually enable you to tour the Blackwater for a bit, but the river stays close to the highway. Going south provides opportunities for exploration. A few houses may be visible, but is mostly undeveloped.

Bog Pond

Route 104 east from Danbury or south from Bristol Gould Hill Road south, 2 miles east of Danbury 10 miles west of Bristol The first put-in is at a dam on your right - Danbury Wildlife Management Area Turn immediately right around the dam for the second put-in One mile road crosses narrowing of the marsh put-in is on right This is a classic narrow channeled marshland, quiet and mostly unvaried. Not an exciting place, it is just a good place to simply be with nature. It is a perfect place for a long paddle in the sun, enjoying the ducks, blackbirds, and water life. You may prefer the second of the two put-ins, since it is more quiet and rustic. In addition, a wooded picnic area adjoins the put-in parking place. From this more southern put-in you can paddle sinuously south for quite a distance. Where the channel seemingly abruptly ends, you can carry across the beaver dam and paddle through a small swamp before the channel disappears. The northern part of the area can be reached either from the first put-in or by passing through a corrugated medal tunnel under the road. As you head north after the tunnel the channel slowly widens and opens and some houses come into view. Near the northern put-in, where there is a dam it widens into a pond.

Brindle Pond

Route 28 (N) from Center Barnstead Pineo Road (E) Boat launch on left An undiscovered, still wild, treasure that is just now on the edge of development attempts. One house is in view at the east end, but it is not obtrusive. Shallow with pretty summertime vegetation it is highly varied. Many beaver lodges, a beaver dam at the west end (where route 28 traffic may slightly distract the senses), and wildlife. Includes wooded shorelines, areas of swamp vegetation which can be canoe or kayak.

Chocorua Lake

Route 16 (N) from Chocorua There are two obvious put-ins An enjoyable lake with good scenery, a great view of picturesque Mount Chocorua, a beach and nice paddling.

Copps Marsh Pond

From Route 25 in Moultonborough, East on Route 109 Or from Route 28 in Wolfeboro, West on Route 109 At intersection of 109 and 109A, east on 109A .1 mile, look for unmarked dirt road on left Dam and put-in are at the at end of the short road I may be letting out a secret, because this seems lightly accessed. In the midst of the Lake Winnipesaukee motorized hubbub, there is an isolated and undeveloped marshy lily pond. Small appearing at first approach, it is much larger when you are on it, perhaps 150 acres or more. Nooks, bays, side-channels and irregularities will keep you there a while. Islands, several types of ducks, heron, redwing blackbirds, mountains, bird songs.

Garland Pond

From Moultonborough, at intersection or Routes 109 and 25 South on Route 25, about a half-mile Look for restaurant on left (east side) and Garland Pond Road on right (west side) You may begin to back out of the road, thinking it is a driveway Keep going, passing the house on its right Caution it would be wise to walk the first fifty yards before driving It appears overgrown, but is not does have a slightly high center Parking area is in a ways, on a good road You may want to carry or wheel from there Checkout the road to the small put-in. It might be OK for you. This is the second of two huge secrets hidden within the bustling Winnipesaukee/Squam area. Like Copps Pond, it is completely isolated, surrounded by conservation land. Partly marshy and mainly open.

Manning Lake

Gilmanton Iron Works Route 140 (W) Crystal Lake Rd. (N) Becomes Guinea Ridge Rd. (N) Right on unnamed road after campground road While approaching Manning Lake you may be concerned by the over-development of Crystal Lake as you pass. Manning, however, is protected on roughly three sides by nature conservancy land. It is a scenic spot with, at least sometimes, a fair amount of wildlife - loons included.

Merrymeeting Marsh #1

Alton Route 11 (E) Put-in is on the right, clearly marked, just before a bridge A long, sinuous, marsh meander, for as much of the day as you want to play.

Merrymeeting Marsh #2

Alton Old route 11 (Briefly north from the traffic circle, turn right) Perhaps a couple of miles, road on left (north), unnamed on my map (Or go on to Brackett Rd. (going north)) (The unnamed road may be Chesley Road) Follow this road along Merrymeeting Marsh After a bridge at Merrymeeting Pond on left Begin to look for a left parking area with a large wooden sign Put-in is hidden at far end of the parking area and down a small hill.

Shellcamp Pond

Gilmanton Intersection of routes 140 and 107 West on route 140 short distance Meadow Pond Rd. (S) This is a pleasant small pond with an irregular shoreline and varied vegetation. You can usually be sure of a smooth and gentle paddle.

Wickwas Lake

Route 104 between Meredith and New Hampton Meredith Center Rd. (S) Chemung Rd. (W) A very pretty lake with much variety, including marshes, short streams, and islands. Nice wooded shoreline, although now partially developed.

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