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Navigation Aids

Upon your first visit to Lake Winnipesaukee for boating it is highly recommended that you get a map of the lake. Most stores in the lakes Region have Maps of Winnipesaukee for sale. If you intend to use your map while boating it is recommended that you get the laminated maps.They are slightly more expensive but well worth the cost and can be used years over. SO LET ME REPEAT, if you have never boated Lake Winnipesaukee get a map, prepare for bad weather, and be sure you have all the safety equipment for an emergency. Many boaters have been caught off guard while being on the lake at the inopportune time, I was one of those. Lake Winnipesaukee was marked in 1899 with the first inland waterway bouys in the United States, over 300 hazards being indicated, with the present number of markers, light-bouys, and other navigation aids about 600.

There are a couple of places to visit for Lake Winnipesaukee Navigation Aid

Both companies offer unique navigational media.


Early 1900's map of Lake Winnipesaukee courtesy of


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